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Changing the order of author list, adding co-authors, changing email addresses, adding middle names, correcting typo in author names

Q: Can I change the Author list or add additional authors?
A: An additional author can only be added if the new author has the same domain conflicts as the rest of the authors and does not have a conflict of interest with the reviewers and area chairs assigned to your paper. Please send the name, email address, affiliation and list of domain conflicts of the additional author to submission_support@miccai2021.org for approval.

Please be reminded that authors were required to submit the full author list at the time of submission. Quoting from our submission guidelines: To avoid conflict of interest between authors and reviewers, all co-author information and a complete and accurate list of domain conflicts must be entered in the submission form by the submission deadline. Your paper may be rejected if full authorship and domain conflicts are not disclosed.

Q: Can I change the order of author list?
A: Yes. Use the arrows in the author field on your camera-ready submission form to change the order.

Q: Can I add or remove middle names for co-authors or update an email address?
A: Only authors can edit their personal information such as names and email addresses. The co-authors must therefore log in to their own CMT accounts to make changes themselves. Once logged in, click the arrow at the top right-hand corner. Select "User profile” to edit names and select "Email address” to update email addresses.

Corresponding author and joint authorship

Q: Can I have more than 1 corresponding author?
A: No. The instruction from the publisher was ONE corresponding author per paper. The sole purpose is for communication. If the authors somehow feel that naming one corresponding author raises the status of that author above that of the others, they could always include a footnote stating that all authors contributed equally to the paper and that readers may contact any of the authors listed in the header, or words to that effect.

Q: Who should be the corresponding author?
A: Any author can be the corresponding author. The corresponding author must be available to proof check the final manuscript within a 72-hour window approximately 3 weeks before the conference. The corresponding author must have the full right, power, and authority to sign the agreement on behalf of all of the authors of a particular paper, and accepts responsibility for releasing this material on their behalf.

Q: How do I indicate joint first-author?
A: You can indicate joint authorship in the footnote.

Uploading files and email confirmation

Q: I did not receive a confirmation email from CMT, how do I know if my upload was successful?
A: CMT does not send out confirmation automatically. You can verify your upload by selecting "View Camera Ready Summary” and confirm the date/time/file size of your latest upload. The time is shown as pacific time.

General question regarding camera-ready submission

Q: Can I use commands like "\vspace” or "\renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{0.97}” in my Latex to reduce vertical space?
A: NO, manipulation of vertical space to gain extra writing space is considered a format violation and may lead to rejection of your paper in the final stage. Springer will remove it in any case.

Q: Do I still have to stick to my original 10 pages including references?
A: No: You may flow onto a 11th page, with 10½ pages maximum, but with additional text from Springer particularly regarding supplementary material, with formatting and other adjustment accounting for the rest of the 11th page. Your paper should have at most 8 ½ pages of main material (including any figures and tables) and at most 2 pages for References.

Q: How should I refer to supplementary material within my paper?
A: Reference to this material within your paper can be of the form "See supplementary material” or ”See pp. 34-48 in "Appendix title” in reference material”.

Q: Do I need to submit a separate .bib file or .bbl files?
A: If you are using BibTex, please submit your .bib file. You may include your .bbl file. If you have typed your reference section manually using \bibitem as the template does, you do not need to include a .bib file.

Q: Can I make minor changes to the title of my paper in response to reviewers' recommendations?
A: Yes, please remember to update CMT and make sure the title you entered on the CMT form matches the one in your camera-ready version.

Q: Where do I submit my camera-ready file?
A: At your author console in CMT, click the link "submit camera-ready file” to submit your file. This link will be made available to you in mid June.

Q: Can I add new results to my paper?
A: You may add new results to your main paper if it was requested by a reviewer or an Area chair and presented in the rebuttal. Otherwise, new material can only be included in the supplementary material.

Q: How do I include the Email link (envelope symbol) against the name of the corresponding author?
A: You don't. Springer will insert this for you.

Q: Where should the disclaimer text appear?
A: Directly before the bibliography. (Use \subsubsection if you are using LaTeX.)


Q: Do I need to obtain copyright permission from Springer to publish an extended version in IEEE TMI or other journal for example?
A: Please refer to the end of paragraph 2 of the consent-to-publish form:
"Authors may publish an extended version of their proceedings paper as a journal article provided the following principles are adhered to: a) the extended version includes at least 30% new material, b) the original publication is cited, and c) it includes an explicit statement about the increment (e.g., new results, better description of materials, etc.).”

As long as you adhere to these stipulations, we can agree to the submission of your paper to a journal.

Q: Can I share the final typesetted version of the paper on my website and in online repositories?
A: You are encouraged to use Springer's SharedIt feature to share your work: https://www.springernature.com/gp/researchers/sharedit